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Ludo Empire (“App”, we”, “our”, or “us) by Fabzen Technologies is an online mobile gaming application that holds skill-based games for recreational purposes to be utilized by users (“users”, or “you”), combining casual gaming with a competitive spirit and real cash prizes. We value integrity, transparency, and fairness to an extreme, which is further reflected in this Fairplay Policy (“Policy”) and all aspects of our gaming services.

This Policy describes the aspects that users must follow to ensure fair play during their gaming on the App, the steps Ludo Empire may take to ensure fair and honest gameplay on the App, the steps users may take if they suspect that there has been a violation of this Policy and the actions Ludo Empire may take to respond or prevent any Policy violations.

This Policy must be read in conjunction with our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Responsible Gaming Policy. Users must read the content of this Policy well and strictly comply with its content.

The below aspects explain the components of our Fairplay Policy and its methods.

Verified Real Players

There are no bots, computers, robots, or falsely-generated users allowed on the App; we ensure we allow only real, genuine players. To facilitate this, we have established several appropriate and strict policies and protocols to check for any Policy violations.

Before withdrawals, depending on the amount or the frequency of the withdrawals, users may be required to verify their identity, bank account, and any other required details. These details and documents are collected and verified per the regulatory laws, relevant authorities, a third-party service provider, or us.

Skill-Based Gaming

Our games are designed to be based on the skills, developed and established as skill-based games, that utilize skills rather than luck or chance. While each game necessitates different variants of skills, and their threshold may vary, each game and its outcome are determined by the skills demonstrated by you.

The probability of winnings/returns from playing games is inherently dependent on the skills displayed by the user, as such, the winnings/returns are the same for each user who exhibits a certain level of skills in their gaming.

Safety and Security

Privacy : We use standard, high-duty practices and tools to ensure the security and safety of user data. We conduct regular automated and manual testing procedures of our systems to warrant the stability and stronghold of our server firewalls.

Payments : We at Ludo Empire, are affiliated with multiple trusted third-party payment gateway providers, integrated into the App for safe, secure, and seamless transactions for the user. We do not store any of your financial/payment details, whatsoever, with us. The data is stored only with the authorized technology service provider and entities permitted to store such data in accordance with applicable laws and regulatory directives.

Know more about our Safety and Security Measures by clicking here.

Fair Play

We encourage users to engage in fair, honest, and ethical gaming at all times on our App. You must play the game strictly as per their rules and guidelines; without any attempts of cheating, colluding, or deploying any tools, methods, or strategies which may cause the disruption of gameplay, damage our systems or defraud us, our system, or any other user.

Unfair Play

You must not attempt to play the games unfairly or unethically. You are strictly prohibited, during your gaming, from engaging in and employing, including but not limited to:

Cheating: We do not allow hacking of any form of hacking, including bugs, bots, spiders, third-party tools and software, and multiple accounts to one user to access the App. Any user found to be in violation of such will be removed and restricted from using the App for an indefinite time, without any warning from Ludo Empire.

Collusion: Any actions that occur during the money games that encompass collusion between two or more users to achieve a specific pre-determined outcome, will lead to the users being banned from the App for an indefinite time, without any warning from Ludo Empire.

Fraud Documents: During the verification process, in case your documents are flagged as false, fabricated, stolen, or altered, your user account will be terminated and blocked for an indefinite period of time.

Inappropriate Behaviour: In your usage of Ludo Empire, you must not use our App and its games to post, publish, email, distribute, or disseminate any inappropriate, profane, abusive, infringing, obscene, indecent, or unlawful content.

False Information: Providing false or untrue information, including but not limited to, user name, documents, age, location, email, or bank account is prohibited and any violation of such will lead to the user being banned from the App by us.

Network Issues

Any games, matches, tables, or tournaments (“Games”) disconnected due to network issues like poor network connectivity or internet speed, will be declared abandoned and users will lose the game as well as any fee of the games. We advise you to check your internet connection, speed, and charges before starting your gaming, Ludo Empire is not responsible for the internet connection of individual users.

Compliance With the Law

The games held on Ludo Empire are all explicitly skill-based, as mentioned in the above section named “Skill-Based Gaming”, and contribute towards improving a user's logical and analytical thinking, strategic prowess, decision-making and time-management skills.

The games held on the App are in compliance with all the applicable laws, rules, and regulations of the Indian government.


We have built-in processes in the App at our Helpdesk for users to communicate with us about any of their gaming issues, queries, and difficulties. We ensure that the communication process is easily accessible with simple usability with promised swift response timeline and overall complete support to the users.

Responsible Gaming

Users under the age of 18 or the age of majority of their residing jurisdiction are not permitted to engage in gaming at Ludo Empire, the App is only eligible for adults. Users from a restricted state, city, or country, where real money games are banned, are prohibited from playing on the App; any user found playing from such areas is not allowed to enter the games.

To learn more about our Responsible Gaming Policy, click here.

Game Fraud and Collusion Policy

Ludo Empire has automated detection systems to identify, prevent, and deter any fraudulent activity and behaviour occurring on the App. If we are made aware that any user is or has engaged in any fraudulent or illegal activity, we will take responsive actions and may restrict or terminate the user's access to Ludo Empire for an indefinite time.

Disclaimer: If we at our sole discretion determine that any user has violated any aspect of this Policy, then we may at any time without notice terminate or suspend the user's account on the App. You must cooperate with us in any investigation or any violation prevention methods we may prescribe, owning up to your actions.