Responsible Gaming

We at Empire Games create games purely for fun & entertainment. We are ardent advocates of responsible gaming and have no intentions of negatively impacting the minds, bodies, and finances of our users. We believe that our real-money games can give you a thrilling gaming experience with the right attitude. Our real-money games are not only highly rewarding in terms of winning cash online, but also have an element of logic & skills that can help improve your strategic and planning skills.

If you believe that you are forming a habit of gaming which is problematic, notify Empire Games by [email protected] or through the in-game live Host (Chat Support), if provided. Empire Games policy does not provide you with an option to self-set or change deposit limits at your discretion; rather your identity will be confirmed, and your account will be closed for real money gaming activity. Empire Games reserves the absolute right to itself review or use third-party verification to review player activity in the Games or as reported by other gaming operators to profile and remove players' access at its sole discretion.

These are some general guidelines that can help make your playing experience safer, and avoid the risk that you may indulge in excessive gaming and addiction:

  • Add money to any of the Empire Games wallets only with money that you can afford to spend.
  • Please, never add money to the account Wallet with money that you need for essential things such as food, rent, bills, or tuition.
  • Pre-plan your purchases and the time you will spend playing any of the Empire Games and stick to that limit, regardless of your performance.
  • Do not play when you are upset, tired, or depressed. It is difficult to make good decisions when you are not feeling well.
  • Do not put off personal and other important tasks to play. Complete all your important tasks so that you can play with a free and calm mind.
  • Balance your gameplay duration with other activities.
  • Do not borrow money to make purchases on the Empire Games apps.
  • Avoid using all the monies in the game wallet in a single game or session.
  • Take time-outs and breaks regularly.
  • Only participate in games that are commensurate with your competence level and financial capabilities. Do not get tempted to participate in games with a high entry fee, despite winning consistently.

If you suspect that you are facing any issues with habit formation with gaming and as a result have not been playing responsibly, or if you know someone who is facing similar issues, kindly seek help immediately.