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How to Play Ludo

The online Ludo Empire win cash game has similar rules and gameplay to the traditional Ludo board game. Learn how to play the Ludo Empire game and earn money online with your gaming skills.

  • Choose the game mode you want to play. There are 4 modes in Ludo Empire - Classic Ludo, Quick Ludo, Furious and Tournaments.
  • As a Ludo Empire special rule, all tokens will already be unlocked from the base at the start of your match. In some matches, you might have to unlock your tokens from the base by rolling a 6 or a 1 on the dice.
  • Move your pawns based on the numbers rolled on the dice. If you roll a 6, you get an extra turn but rolling 6 in a row three times will cancel your turn, so be careful.
  • Landing on the same spot as your opponent's pawn will be eliminated, and send them back to base and earn you an extra turn. Use this wisely and get ahead of your opponents.
  • There are a total of 8 safe spots on the Ludo board, marked with special symbols, that keep you safe from elimination.
  • With a special Ludo Empire real money game rule, you can even create your own safe spots by landing two or more of your pawns at the same spot. Take advantage of this, whenever you can.
  • Whoever takes their pawns home before their opponents do, wins the game; all 4 in Classic mode and only 2 in Quick mode. And if you're playing the Furious or Tournament mode, the player with the maximum points at the end of the timer wins the cash prize.

Game Modes

With Ludo Empire, you get to play and earn money in different Ludo game modes; each with its own special rules and special features. You can choose any mode you want to play as per your wishes.

Classic Ludo

Indulge your childhood nostalgia with a game of traditional Ludo in our Classic Ludo game mode. Play and outwit your opponents with your Ludo strategies and skills and win amazing cash prizes by taking all of your pawns home.

Quick Ludo

Want to enjoy your favourite Ludo game but don't have much time? Then our Quick Ludo mode is the perfect choice for you; here you can play and win money within just 10 minutes, all by taking only 2 pawns home before your opponents.



Are you the best of the best Ludo players? With Ludo Empire, compete against the pro-Ludo players across India at our multi-round online Ludo Tournaments, prove your talent with your skills, and win exciting cash prizes up to 10 lakhs.


Does fast and furious define you? Then play our Furious mode, a rapid-fire high-stakes time-based Ludo game mode. All you have to do is score more points than your opponents before the timer ends, here you can win cash in just a few minutes.

Ludo Empire Winners

By using their skills and logic, these players topped the leaderboard, earned exciting Ludo real cash prizes and became our Ludo Champions!


won ₹5,29,400

Juber Ali


won ₹4,77,200



won ₹4,48,400



won ₹3,81,800

Mohd Rafiq