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How to Play Teen Patti

The skill-based Teen Patti game on Skill Patti is a fairly simple and easy game to play, all you need to do is observe your cards, place your bets and make your hand. Still, it's best to look over the Skill Patti rules before you start your gaming.

  • There are multiple tables available in the Skill Patti Empire game, with various entry stake amounts and players ranging from 2 to 6.
  • Choose the table of your choice and your buy-in from your wallet.
  • Place the boot, the same amount as the table entry amount, into the pots. The cards are only distributed once the boot is paid.
  • Each player is dealt 3 cards each, 2 closed and 1 open for you to see, players can choose to play in 2 formats, seen (open cards) or blind (closed cards). There is also a common card placed at the centre of the table for players to use in their card sequences.
  • Every turn players have to make a bet and place the amount into the pot. The minimum stake amount on the table changes as the game progresses.
  • Blind players can bet at minimum the current stake amount of the table or double the minimum bet, whereas seen players can bet at minimum double the current stake amount of the table or up to 4 times the bet.
  • Depending on your preference, you can either play Chall (play the same bet of the table), Raise (increase the current bet) or Pack (close your cards and leave the round), but do note that if you pack your cards, you will lose all your bets placed in the pot.
  • If the previous player from you is also a seen player with you, you can request a sideshow to compare your cards; the player with the better hand wins.
  • Once there are only 2 players left on the table or the pot reaches its limit, a showdown occurs and the cards are compared. The player with the best Teen Patti card sequence wins the pot amount.

Skill Patti Game Features

Skill Patti Empire comes with several amazing game features that make the game one of the best Teen Patti money games in India. Explore the features of Skill Patti and pick your favourite to play and earn money with.



Take advantage of the Multiplayer Table and enjoy a game of the classic Indian Poker game. Play against multiple online Teen Patti cash game players with your card skills and win cash jackpots.


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Share the joy and excitement of this online cash-winning game with your friends and earn more and more amazing rewards. Just copy your referral code, share it with your friends and earn a commission for every deposit your referral makes.


Instant Withdrawals

Get safe, secure and instant withdrawals of your cash winnings into your bank account directly with this instant withdrawals feature. Play a table, win cash and withdraw your winnings in just a few clicks and minutes.


24/7 Customer Support

Get constant and immediate support with the expert Skill Patti Customer Support team at all times. Ask your game-related queries, issues and difficulties and receive swift answers and solutions for all your game problems and play worry-free.